the team that makes us tick

Amy Addington Smith, Owner

Visual Artist and Delish Menu Creator... Beatlemaniac.

Kevin Smith, Owner

Graphic Designer and Soul City Music Booking... Elvis Is King!

Vanessa Brewer, Bar Mgr.

Loves long walks on beaches with kittens.

Jake Heckman, Kitchen Mgr.

Responsible for all things foodie at SC... awaiting a Husker revival.

Desirae Roses-Clinton, Bartender

Desi's the name and drinks are the game... Lead Vocalist for Desi & Cody.

Donna Leming, Bartender

Your resident Tuesday Bluesday bartender... knows all things music!

Kat Mullett, Server

Kat is your resident Hula Hooping Server...

Jon Heckman, Host

Mural Artist and Graphic Designer... makes sure your food is on the dime.

Caitlin Redmond, Server

Bringer of good things such as tasty beverages and food... OSU student and smarter than the rest of us.

Dakota Roses, Server

The most mysterious of the Soul City team...

Danielle Yarbrough, Server/Bartender

The newest the team... straight from Florida with a knack for customer service.

Aaron Deaton, Weekend Host

He'll meet you, he'll greet you and he'll seat you!